Hello world!

Need a ride?  Couldn’t help but notice you sitting there on the corner with your thumb out.   Buckle up, kick back, grab a twinkie for the road, reposition the air vent if you need, because we’ll be ridin’ together a while.

Oh, in case I didn’t mention it yet, my name is Courageous.  If you’ll let me, I’ll be your guide on this epic journey called life.  You’re not the first hitchhiker I’ve picked up.  While I’ve got your undivided attention, I’m going to make it my goal to reproduce the same courageous attitude that I’m blessed with in you.

The views I share are always courageous.  It takes courage to discuss food, hygeine, religion, sexuality, professionalism, fun, family -  life.  They’re my views. Let me have ‘em. I won’t keep you from yours (even if they are wrong!)  Along the way, hopefully you will be challenged.  and pushed. and stretched.  and grown.

You can live courageously!  I believe in you.

Sincerely, Courageous